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What is "new media art"?

A broad definition... artworks created through technology. My canvas is a computer monitor and my brush is a mouse.

How is my new media art created?

Hand-drawn sketches are scanned into my computer creating a rough electronic file. From there, I use advanced art programs to "paint" the desired picture, including the use of stylizing tools and filters to enhance the colors and texture of the image. This gives me total control of the painting including the option to have my finished work look as if it was painted
in other mediums, such as watercolors, oils or acylics.

The second method involves painting over or otherwise editing existing photos to create unique and oriiginal

What is my genre?

I have created works in many different artistic genres. This includes architectecural, conceptual, environmental, photo-realistic, lifestyle, religious and visioinary. I tend to show whatever sells, although my favorite is contemporary.

What is a digital flie?

Each completed piece of art is saved as an electonic or digital file ready to print. The file is created in high resolution
so additional sizes can be printed from a single original.

Who buys new media art ?

New media art is found in private homes, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, convention centers, entertainment venues, telecommunications and mass media. Some pieces can be color-coordinated and customized to fit your color scheme. Multiple pieces of the same original image can easily be printed on demand for hotels.

How is art printed?

The electronic files are printed using large commercial format printers, using a variety of archival inks, papers and canvasses. Maximum size for larger paintings is 60"x 60".

What are archival inks, papers and canvas?

Archival inks, papers and canvas are designed to resist fading and weathering by using ph neutral properties as a
deterent to our mildly acidic environment. It is estimated that archival inks, papers and canvas will retain its coloration for up
to 100 years.

For additonal protection, I use a clear varnish spray with UV protection on all my art. This product has advanced non-yellowing protection against fading, dirt, moisture and discoloration.

Is new media art less expensive than original art?

Since you are not buying a one-of-a-kind original, computer-generated new media art generally sells for MUCH LESS!

How can I see and buy your new media art?

Contact me. Give me the name and size of the piece(s) as noted in my gallery and I will provide you with size and price options. Some art is already printed, If the piece you are interested in is not printed yet, I will have it printed and mounted for you to see. Payment by personal check or PayPal only.


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